Danni’s (in)famous roasted redskin potato salad

I typically make this is large batches , around 4x  this version, for big gatherings. At one for my husband’s car enthusiasts group, an attendee remarked there was “more meat int he salad than there was on the bbq”.   I go heavy on the bacon and buy blocks of ends and pieces like some folks do loaves of bread.  If you’re a veg-head, just skip it. If you’re like me, load it up!

start with 5 lbs of redskin potatoes. dice, then toss with a splash of oil, herbs and spices. I  use fresh rosemary, sage, dill, and some salt and pepper. dump on a baking sheet- I cover mine with a silpat first, the potatoes come off easier- and roast at 450 for 30-40 mins until the top ones are looking good and crispy and the lower ones are fork tender. you want this different texture in the salad.

while that’s cooking chop and pan fry at least one lb of bacon. I often use 2 lbs bacon for each 5 lbs of potatoes bc that’s how my crew likes it and I recommend a block of the bacon “ends and pieces” for better flavor, be sure to watch them carefully during cooking since they aren’t evenly cut, and give them an additional chop before adding to the salad. set aside bacon.

hard boil half a dozen eggs, cool, peel, chop.

dice half a head of celery and one bunch of green onions, plus several large dill pickles, maybe four or five.

when your potatoes are cool, assemble salad with potatoes, bacon, eggs, veggies. add a generous spoonful or two of horseradish, a little mustard if you like it, and mayo to blend it all together.


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