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Jon Z.    Owner of Bk’s Bless Your Heart (Gracie)

When I went looking for a dog, I had already spent years planning what kind of dog I wanted when I moved to a home that I can have one. I had settled on the Awesome Akita. I spent roughly 8-12 months looking at different breeders, contacting them going through owner screening processes that varied from “whats your name and send the check here” to something akin to having a background check the Police would run on potential employees.

Lots of potential sellers would go on for a good while, basically bragging about their dogs, how beautiful they were, how SHOW worthy they were etc. I didn’t want a show dog, I always said that up front. I wanted a companion dog. One breeder was different. Black Knight American Akitas. I had originally intended, as most guys do, to get a male dog. The biggest one you could find no less. I was well aware of puppy personalities, and matching them to the owner, but hey I wanted “my” perfect dog.

After our initial interview Dannielle made sure to make me aware that she would be “checking up” on me, I had heard that before and had no issues. I wanted a breeder who cared where their pups went. Boy was I in for a surprise. It’s amazing what one can dig up on the internet. She had checked my home, to make sure it WAS a home, lot size, house size, was I in a ‘good area’, and more. She even managed to dig up someone who was illegally using my cell phone # to run a shady business from another part of the state!

After I “made the cut” as I like to think of it, we talked about her puppies, what they were like, what I was like, my activity levels, hobbies, etc. And she had decided the boy which I was eyeballing wouldn’t be quite the best match for me, and had picked out the girl Gracie. At first I wasn’t too keen on it, I was dead set on my male dog. But thankfully I’ve got a working brain and I trusted her judgement. I haven’t thought twice about it and would do it again in a heartbeat!

I love my Gracie. She is perfect in every way, and I’m very glad I listened to Danielle. Finding a good breeder was NOT easy. I went through a lot that made me cringe at their practices, and had NO problems whatsoever about lying their butts off to a potential buyer. An Akita is a rare, expensive breed to get and these people know it, and abuse it. They pop out puppies to meet demand, and don’t give a thought to what kind of dog puppy they have or person they are handing it too.

I was patient, I found the right breeder, I was EXTREMELY lucky in my timing on my search as they had littler in the making, and that was the only litter I’m aware of in two years that they have done. If your looking for that perfect dog, that one breed that you want. Take your time, look carefully at what they are ‘selling’ you. Don’t shy away from a breeder because they want to know every detail about you, they aren’t stalking you, that means they care about where their puppy goes! Keep an open mind and be patient and you’ll find the right one for your family.

Michael R  Owner of BK’s Formula Pawcific (Koli)

met Danielle through the adoption of my service dog about 5 years ago. I can state from personal experience that she is extremely conscientious caring Honest and professional. She has a strict adoption process which includes personal references and for me a home inspection and multiple visits. She would not even accept a deposit until I passed this process.

Adopting my Akita, Koli, ( who happens to be the very dog in the cover picture on her website) from Danielle was an absolutely wonderful experience that exceeded all of my expectations. She has made herself available to me countless times throughout the years for advice and services. Adopting from Black Knight Akitas is adopting into a family, & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have and will continue to recommend Danielle and Black Knight Akitas to all who are interested in the breed including family and friends.

Jessica K. Owner of Bk’s C9H13NO3 (Surge)

I purchased a male Akita Puppy from Black Knight Akitas. Before meeting him I spoke to the owner regarding what I was looking for ( a companion for my going blind German Shepherd) as well as my lifestyle so she could pick the appropriate puppy for me. She could not have picked a more appropriate puppy, and was so honest with his personality and why another puppy in the litter was not as suitable. We live in different states, however the owner offered to bring the puppy for me to meet, along with a litter mate 12+ hours away as she was traveling to the area for another event. She refused a deposit, as she wanted me to meet both puppies and make sure that I was going to be 100% happy with the puppy first. If I met the puppies and didn’t feel either was ‘my dog’, she was happy to take them home with her- it was most important that the dog and I both would be happy. At the meeting place I had the opportunity to meet a 3rd litter mate, and a first time Akita owner. He had had his puppy for over a month already, and was beyond happy and proud of his dog. Any time I have a question or need help the owner was more then happy to offer advice or guide me in the right direction- even several years after purchasing my puppy. I am beyond happy with my Akita- he is everything I hoped for, and more. He is a wonderful companion for my Shepherd, that is now 100% blind. Black Knight Akitas is a top notch breeder, and when I am ready for my next Akita, that will be where I go!

Amy Mahaffey, Aja’s Akitas

In January 2006, I met Dannielle (Danni) at the Orange Empire Dog Club Show in San Bernardino. We hit it off instantly, and have been friends ever since. My Mom became close with her too. Danni was always helpful at the shows, whether it was setting up, tearing down, or helping with a dog. Her greatest assistance came in January 2008, when she volunteered to stay late to take our boy Mochi into the Veteran Group. Their first time together, and they took a Group 3! Although we now live on opposite sides of the country, we are still close.”

Julie and Jason, Owners of  Bk’s Articcross Klaatu Barada Nikto (Ash)

While I was building a gallery of all the pictures of Ash, I ran across this one. This is the first picture I took of him. Even on this day, he showed interest in not just the world, but how he would have a place in our lives. As time progressed, he grew. Not just physically, but mentally. Even as the months went by, you can see the expression of wonder there. Wondering what to do, but also a touch of.. “Really?”   He loves to learn new things. When it comes to puppies though, he is the protector. He loves puppies, to the point that when they leave, you can just tell he is mad at us.  Even to this day, he still has that expression. For that, I thank his breeder. She not only took great care in making sure the puppies she helped bring into this world had the best possible health, structure, and care.

She made sure they had the best intelligence, and love.

(follow Ash’s story as a  working service dog at this link)

ash on the job

Marilyn H., California. Owner GCH “Barley”

If my now Grand Champion Otterhound, Barley, (GCH VSOP Canis Major Phoenix Rises) saw Dannielle for the first time since she moved east several years ago with her family, he would leap into her arms and quiver with delight.

He loved being handled by her, you could see their teamwork in the ring, they moved as one,respected and enjoyed one another. She is gentle, but firm, and while Otterhounds are not known to be people pleasers, Dannielle was the exception, Barley would do anything she asked willingly. At 120 pounds, he was putty with her on the end of the lead.

I don’t normally have handlers take my dogs overnight, but going to Dannielle’s house was fun to the tenth degree for Barley. He got to be the guest of honor, and an honorary Akita.

It sure would be nice if we weren’t three thousand miles apart, she’d be handling both my boys in a heartbeat!

barley bob


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