Official webpage for Dannielle Romeo

Wife. mother, sister, aunt, friend, writer, baker, trainer, teacher, shooter, community volunteer, breeder, rescuer, activist…the things we do are not who we are but a window into the individual.

So take a peek inside and get to know me a little better; accomplishments I’ve achieved, the dreams I’d still like to see come true, the work I put into each endeavor I undertake.

Welcome to my world.

2 thoughts on “Official webpage for Dannielle Romeo”

  1. Hi Dannielle,
    We are glad to see that you are well and still fighting the good fight. Very special regards from Rocky Road. He is well and thriving. People stop their cars to admire and photograph him. Many want to know what breed he is.. He is truly a fine example of a Black Knight Akita.
    He is having a problem now with a skin allergy which is afflicting many dogs in our area. He is being monitored by his vet and will soon be over it.
    We are still looking forward to seeing you if/when you ever get to our part of NJ.
    Best regards,
    Marcia & David Schwartz


    1. We’re so pleased to hear from our extended family, especially as our wee bears mature into loving seniors with their carefully chosen people.
      Thank you for touching base!


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