Black Knight Akitas

“Sound In Body  & Spirit”. That’s the motto at Black Knight and always has been.  The focus here has consistently been on quality, not quantity; I offer puppies on a very limited basis and take pride in every one I’ve helped bring to the families who love them.

You won’t find just show dogs at Black Knight; this is a Working breed and my dogs have gone onto real jobs in the real world. Beauty and brains in balance.  I take time to evaluate each puppy for temperament, aptitude and character as well as physical structure. Its time consuming but worth every moment.  Ask me about the Black Knight “employees of the month!” 🙂

Meet the crew!  All health certifications are registered with OFA unless otherwise noted. VPI indicates veterinary conformed permanent identification.  If you source your next puppy from a breeder, please use only those who participate in recommended health certifications (hips/eyes at a minimum) who have demonstrated through these diagnostic tests that they are committed to the health, welfare and vitality of this breed.

If you are interested in a Black Knight puppy please contact me directly at or  phone 916-879-6626. Application/home check required.
“Flynn”        CH Orient’s Pride Transfer of Power at BK

DOB: 10/19/2012    REG#WS42482501

CHIC # 101132   Hips: AK14420G24M-VPI     Elbows: AK EL2287M24-VPI

Eyes: AK EYE 202/16M-VPI       Thyroid : AK TH501/16M-VPI    LONGCOAT GENE: NEG

CH Flynn is at stud on a limited basis to select bitches.   Frozen semen available



“Brittany”        CH Showkayce All About Me

DOB: 10/27/13    REG: WS45432501

CHIC #112430    Hips: AK-14671G28F-VPI   Elbows: AK-EL2448F28-VPI   Eyes: AK EYE274/11-VPI  Thyroid:AK-TH581/28F-VPI

Many thanks to our good friend and talented handler Cheryl Mika for lending a hand with this phenomenal girl.  You guys look amazing together in Group!   Looking for a handler in the Midwest/East Coast? Call Cheryl. We trust her and you can, too.


“James”   Cade’s Redheaded Stepchild at BK

DOB: 06/16/2011   REG: WS38589502

Hips: AK14190G24F-VPI   Elbows: radiograph clear 6/18/13

Eyes: AVCO clear, current   Thyroid: Clear no meds 6/18/13


Quality of Black Knight Pups 🙂


YES, we also have a Bernese Mountain Dog, “Charm”.   Charm is our class clown and an important member of the family. Due to her DNA returning to a different sire- one who had never had any health certifications performed prior to or after the breeding that produced our dear Charm, and the fact that her genetic swab for degenerative myleopathy came back “carrier”, we took the responsible course and had her spayed.   We were greatly disappointed in this but we wouldn’t give her up for the world.  She is the silly string that holds this kennel together.
Charm enjoys herding the livestock and pulling carts around the property like a proper Berner should. She also loves her snuggles on the couch, hikes up the Cascades trail to swim at the falls,  play time with her best buddy James, leaping tall furniture in a single bound and any sentence that includes the word “cookie”.  Charm has also had some training in mobility assistance and took to it quickly; she likes having a job.


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