The serenity prayer. A short, direct piece of good advice that even an atheist can believe.

There are things we cannot change.   We are responsible only for our own behavior. No matter how we may wish certain events did not occur, or that certain actions did not happen, they do.  Accepting that these cannot be averted, prevented, ended or repaired is a difficult concept for a strong person.  It feels weak. It feels like an excuse.  And yet,it IS.  It becomes a battle of self more than with outside forces to realize this truth.

There are things we can.  This doesn’t always mean being reactive. Proactive measures are often more effective. Choosing battles that can be won create a distinct advantage. separate issues, not everything is A Problem- break it down to its simplest parts and sort what is within your ability to manage.

Knowing the difference. There’s the trick.

I can’t explain why certain people act the way they do or say the things they say.  What I can do is focus on myself, trust and rely on those who believe in me and take the steps available to me to build on my strengths and be an even better person every day. Its going to be a challenging journey, but you’re welcome to come along.





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